Walts logo copy   Master knife maker was how Walt Easley was referred to by everyone who knew him and even some that didn’t.         Walt and Lil


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This is exactly how the sign read that hung above the shop door of Walt Easly and his wife Lillian at their home in Gladbrook Iowa in the early 80″s.

Walt didn’t start out by making knives, actually he made “buckskin outfits” beginning in the late 70′s. It was the Mayor of Cedar Rapids Iowa at the time, Don Canney that got him started in the knife business. It was Don who was a well known knife maker, he made the knives and had heard about Walt’s buckskins and wanted him to make holders for his knives. Walt obliged and and began making leather cases for the knives produced by Don.

After some time Walt began selling the knives for Don and soon realized the demands for the knives and the sheaths were very high. They had a hard time keeping up with the production, thus Walt began making  knives himself. “I don’t mass-produce. Everything I make is hand-done.” stated Easley. “If it isn’t right, it don’t go out”.  That is how KNIVES by Walt Easley began.